11 ChatGPT Hacks for Students (2023)


1 for day schedule

2 Study time management

3 use to generate project ideas

4 Note-taking Technique

5 Sumirising class notes

6 To generate code snippets

7 finding grammatical errors in article/essay

8 Clear confusion about any topic

9 summarising article

10 New language learning

11 Use for writing mail and application

1. For day scheduling

Nowadays students are very busy with their daily schedule they do a lot of work, assignments, and projects but they don’t do their work with a proper schedule as a result they miss some important work that has be done on that day.

So that they can take help from chat gpt to manage their daily schedule with proper timing.

Here is the prompt you can use it to generate your own schedule –

“My day starts at [the time when you wake up] and ends at [the time when you go to sleep]. My task includes [write a list of all tasks whatever you have to do in one day]. Write a proper schedule to complete all these tasks.”


2. Study time management

With lots of subjects most of the time, students will confuse about how much time to give a particular subject if you do not give proper time to each subject you will face many difficulties during examinations your concept is clear properly, so to avoid these mistakes you can generate your own study time management schedule using CHAT GPT.

Use this prompt–

“My study time is between [enter the time span when you go to study] and I want to study these subject [enter list of subjects] and create a proper time routine to study all these subjects.”


3. Use to generate projects ideas

You all are studying at school after a particular time period school will get projects to create something new. Most of the students have project ideas on their minds but some have no ideas what to prepare so they will take help from chat gpt to generate amazing project ideas

Use this prompt to generate project ideas-

“Give me a list of 5 ideas on [enter subject name] for a school project.”


4. Note-taking technique

Note-taking technique play an important role in the classroom student who knows the proper note-taking technique, it will easily take notes of the entire lecture with a clear concept. Those students who don’t know about this technique face too much problems taking notes in the classroom. But you can use the given below prompt to get the best technique to take notes in the classroom.

“Tell me how can i do note-making in the classroom.”


When you enter this prompt chat gpt will generate lots of techniques read it carefully and apply it.

5. summarising class notes

Some of students feel difficulty to understand the class notes it is a very long format and too much time taking to understand while using CHAT GPT and asking it to summarise the entire class notes it will summarise in very easy and understandable language so that you can cover your entire lecture concept in less time. Here what you can enter in chat gpt

“Summarise the whole content [ enter your lecture notes ].”

6. To generate code snippets

Students/coders make lot of projects for their use or for school projects same time, it is very difficult to remember every code line and code snippet So here you can use this super tool called CHAT GPT to generate code snippets.

“Generate code lines to [enter your code problem].”


7. Finding grammatical errors in article/essay

It is very important for students to understand the grammatical error in their essay/article they will write the whole article without considering the grammatical error in their content

This will led bad impact on you when you submit your article to the teacher/professor so before submitting once again cross-check the whole article or use chat gpt or you can use any grammatical checker to figure out the grammatical error.

You have to just put your complete article and tell it to check the grammatical error. It will automatically check the whole article and find out errors.

8. Clear confusion about any topic

This is very helpful in before exam time like you want to study a whole topic but you don’t have enough time to read, understand and clear the concept so use chat gpt to clarify your concept and remember very easily.

Here use this prompt-

“Describe in brief about [enter your topic mane] with key points.”


9. Summarizing article

It is kind of use full feature of chat gpt to summarise any article . Very helpful to read large articles in small form an it will save a lot of time and explain in a better way.

Like you read an article about on your any subject topic you want to remember it just put the whole article into chat gpt and tell it to summarise and give key points to remember it.

You can also use this extension to summarise the article very helpful Chrome extension

10. New language learning

Learning of new language at the first time is very difficult and very tricky sometimes it takes too much time to understand the basics of a new language. I said language it means all types of language like coding language, a particular country’s local language, and much more.

So before start learning any new language first of all take a brief outline of the complete language. Here is prompt use this-

“Write an overview to learn [specify language] and step by step process to learn the language.”


11. Writing emails and application

Mail and application are official work and we can’t accept any error in that. Sometimes you don’t know the proper format for writing emails and applications or do some errors without knowing it to overcome from this trouble , use CHAT GPT and enter the given prompt and use this template to write emails and applications-

“write a professional email to a teacher for[write your query]”

“write an application to the teacher for [write your query]”

Frequently asked questions–

1 How can students use CHAT GPT?

In the above section, we discuss 11 ways how a student can use CHAT GPT in effective ways with examples and prompts for its own productivity.

2 Can I use CHAT GPT for coding?

Yes, you can use CHAT GPT for coding problems and also use to generate using proper prompt here is an example — “generate code snippet in HTML to create emoji.”

3 Can I use CHAT GPT for the assignment?

Yes, this is a perfect way a student can use chat gpt for their assignment such as researching on any topic, generating project ideas, writing articles and much more there is endless possibility.