ai tools to create instagram reels

8 Best AI Tools To create Instagram Reels in 2023

Nowadays Instagram reels have the biggest user base for short-form content. All the platforms like Instagram, Youtube shorts, and Twitch there are lots of platforms that prefer short video form content. Most of the people make their content with hard efforts and it is more time-consuming process. But thanks to AI which help to generate reels by just putting simple ideas.

You just have to put an idea, BOOM you will get lots of AI-generated reels.

1. InVideo

When it comes to high-quality video/reels creating by just using AI and pre-made templates invideo is the best ever tool to do these types of work. It is a perfect tool that will help you to generate high-quality reels using attractive templates. 8 Milion+ stock footage and video clips are available which can you use in your videos/reels.

Some of the highlighting features-

  • Videos are created by just a single click
  • Save lots of time
  • 8M+ stock media are available

Pros –

  • High-resolution graphics are available
  • 5000+ professionally created templates Are available
  • 8M+ stock media are available
I think that this has no cons, all the common types of work done in the free plan. I personally recommend this tool for you.


Predis ai generates professionally designed reels template on the basis of what kind of content you want food, travel, gym, motivation, study all types of reels it can generate. You have no need to record videos and edit with hard effort just put an idea into this AI this will automatically generate reels templates.

some of the features of this AI-
  • creating trending video
  • it makes every single video with a unique template
  • having feature to analyze video data


  • lots of pre-made templates are available
  • it will also generate content for youtube shorts
  • this AI generates very diverse and variety of trending content
  • it has in-built chat system you can chat with their AI


  • after free trial, you have to buy a subscription plan to use it
  • only 18 languages supported

3. synthesia

Powerful and trained ai it catches ideas very fast Synthesia was founded in 2017 by a team of AI researchers and entrepreneurs from UCL, Stanford, TUM and Cambridge.

This is one of the ai which is widely use for video/reels creation. creators use this tool for their work they generate reels/video by just telling some basic details of their topic.

One of the best feature, the AI character is looking so real and has features to change their interface, background, speaking style and much more you can customize these things in your own way.

It has lots of features like-

  • having real-looking characters
  • Support 40+ language

Pros –

  • this tool has ability to create video from text
  • easy to use
  • 50 customizable templates


  • limited resources present on the free plan
  • limited video you can generate per month


Pictory AI is a video generator, you only have to put video script & it will

Automatically generate video content. One of the best feature is ,It can automatically add captions to your videos, quickly and more

Accurately. Online course creators, social media creators,reels creator can use this to create amazing content. And the best part is that it will automatically add captions to you content and it make your reels more engaging to the audience.

Here is list of few features-

  • Automatically extract short video snippets from long videos
  • Add captions automatically


  • free trial is available for experiencing tool
  • easy to use(user friendly interface)
  • Trending videos templates are available there


  • Support only English language
  • AI-generated voices don’t sound like real
  • you have to buy a paid plan to use it


This is a completely new AI tool come with amazing feature having Endless stock photos and videos are available to use freely , automated translation, voice cloning etc.

The best part is , it generates video from single prompt or you upload your own script it generates reels template and you also add amination to your whole slides or element it helps to make your content good looking.

This is a new ai tool in the industry that comes with amazing features-

  • Endless stock photos and videos are available
  • Automated translation
  • Voice cloning
  • Generate a video from a single prompt
  • Apply animation to the whole slide or element


  • article to voice converter(just simply upload the scriptIt will automatically convert the script into reels/video).
  • it gives freedom to create your own avatar
  • convert ppt into video


  • 4k export not available on free account
  • you can’t upload custom music files in free account


When it comes to creators and editors large no of people give preference to because it provides lots of features at one place like automatic color correction to reels/videos, automatically generates subtitles for your content, it removes unwanted noise from the background, etc.

Lots of pre-made templates are available to use freely and you can also generate more templates as per your need.

  • automatic color correction
  • noise reduction
  • automatic subtitles generation
  • suggest multiple videos template


  • generate and edit your reels at one place
  • user friendly interface
  • it provides various video templates, audio library, and tools to edit them


  • in free plan video contains watermark
  • video export limit at 720p


It is a highly automated tool. It is used for video creation, banner designing , reels editing ,etc. 10Milion+ clips , 500k + audio files , 50+ AI voices are available that sound realistic, and lot’s illustration element are present that helps to make your content more engaging.

Some more features are given below-

  • pre-made templates are available
  • Illustration elements are present there
  • It assists very smartly to create videos.


  • convert text to video instantly
  • 30 days free trial
  • works quickly


  • Elements Load very slowly
  • The user who has a subscription plan can able to download video
Its totally depend on you either choose it or move to the next tool.

8. lumen 5

Most of the people find one tool that do all work like video generation, video editing , ai voice over and much more at one place. Milions of premium liscenced photos and videos are available for use , image tracking is available(it means that if you want to track or point focus on a particular object/image) they have tutorial section where you can learn how to use it all the tools perfectly.

Then this is tool comes with lot’s of features-

  • Millions of premium licensed photos & videos are available
  • Auto-generate captions for videos
  • They also have tutorial how to use the tools


  • user-friendly interface
  • convert text into video
  • image tracking is working very perfectly
  • limited templates are available in the Free plan


  • limited export quality available at the free plan.
  • Limited features are available in the free subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best AI reel generator for Instagram?

PredisAI & Invideo these two Ai tools which are all over the internet, best in every manner from content generation to edit them .You have to just go to these AI websites, start making content and explore their AI features.

2. Can we make Instagram ads with these tools?

Yes, of course you can make attractive ads with these AI tools, you have to just select the advertisement template and put your content in it and it’s ready to publish.

3. Can these AI tools is free to use?

Yes, most of the AI tools are free to use with limited features and some are paid. You just find the perfect tool according to your need for content creation by just simply comparing their features.