16 Amazing AI Tools That Will Blow Your Mind (1)

16 Amazing AI Tools That Will Blow Your Mind

Ever since the introduction of ChatGPT in Nov,2022 new AI tools started exploding in the market to capture the global AI market worth USD 136.55 Billion.

From advance image generation tool like midjourney to copywriting tool like writesonic that can edit your article in seconds!

Here is the list of 16 amazing AI tools to help you with content creation, copywriting to image generation

Let’s Dive Right In.

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1) Midjourney

Image Source — Midjourney

In terms of image generation, this tool has better concept to generate more realistic images . It uses diffusion model to turn random noise into beautiful art. This is example of generative AI which use natural language processing (NLP) that create images based on entered text prompt.

You don’t need any software or a high-end pc to use it, it works on Discord chat app and also on web version of Discord.

It works like just put prompt to generate image after some processing it generates images with amazing concepts after that you have the choice to make variations and upscale the images.

Sometimes this tool work very slowly because of high demand, when most of people use to generate images on same time they face some lag. Coming to pricing it provides 25 free image generation to new user after that to use to you have to buy a subscription plan.


2) DALL.E 2

Image Source — DALL-E 2

In January 2021 Open AI introduce DALL.E one year later DALL.E 2 is introduced which has the ability to generate more realistic and accurate images with 4 times greater resolutions.

DALL.E 2 Working on natural language processing (NLP), large language model (LLM), and diffusion processing.

It can create original, realistic images from a text description. That’s not to say you can’t dive deeper with DALL.E 2. You are able to upload own image and enter prompt to create more variation and you also use editor to outpaint (Exapnd the image from AI-generated element) or inpaint ( replace the bit of image from AI-generated element).

You should try now to create amazing images in free account you will get 50 free credit to transform search into fully generated artwork and 15 free credits every month from then on.

Paid plan start from $15 for 115, so that ~$0.13/prompt or ~$0.0325/image.


3) Adobe Firefly

Image Source — Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is a new AI tool introduced by Adobe in March 2023. This is another platform owned by Adobe where you create amazing images using AI. Firefly has a very large number beta user when it launch it generate over 200 million images since launched in March, over 150 million images is generated by Firefly within two weeks.

One of the best feature is you use this tool with Adobe software Photoshop. The idea behind this to help people embrace and develop their creativity.

Firefly is free to use by anyone just make your account and start creating images, and for enterprise, offering will be available in the second half of 2023.


4) Jasper Art

Image Source — JasperArt

Jasper art is allowing you to create beautiful and eye-catching art from both text and images. Having ability to create next-level art using powerful AI technology, it is powered by open AI.

The Jasper art is using DALL.E 2 (developed by open AI) to create realistic and digital image from natural language descriptions. It uses the version of GPT-3 which is modified to generate images.

The use of jasper art is endless like bloggers can use to create featured image and post images by using simple text based prompts, Digital creator use this to create high-quality original sketch, painting art and much more according to your need.

Its pricing start from $20 per month per user it does not matter how many images you generate once you buy the plan you generate multiple images.


5) Fotor

Image Source — Fotor

Fotor is powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, that make it possible for anyone to create stunning art form just text prompts. Realistic drawing, oil painting, and modern art creating these things are very simple with fotor.

Fotor is an AI platform combination of lots of tools like-

  • Convert text into images.
  • AI art generator from image.
  • Photo editing tools are available.
  • AI avatar generator.

This is free to use with some limited features and paid plan starts from $8.99 per month.


6) Pixlr

Image Source — Pixlr

Pixlr is an online photo editor, AI image generator, and design tool. There are lot of pre-made templates are available to use freely just select the and modify and add more details and use them. Here are some highlighting features of Pixlr–

  • Create high-quality visual assets with just one single click
  • Professional-looking animations are available
  • Filter and effects and collage maker are available.
  • Free to use and its paid subscription starts from $1.99 per month.


AI tools for content writing


Image Source — OpenAI

As you all know about CHAT GPT, this is a tool that is famous for content writing most people use it to generate content using simple text prompts. CHAT GPT is owned and developed by Open AI and it is launched on 30 November 2022.

All the basic work like wiring content, article writing, and summarising content, writing scripts for digital ads these are the things that can CHAT GPT do easily.

It is using Open AI GPT-3.5 To generate content,the paid plan is also available which is more efficient and works better way because it comes with the power of Open AI GPT-4.


8) Copy AI

Image Source — CopyAI

Paul yacoubin Is the co-founder and CEO at cpoyAI.This tool is based on open AI GPT-3 which is sufficient to do all type of copywriting work just like content wring for presentations, preparing script for videos, post content generating and much More, and you will be able to access GPT-4 on copy AI.

Some of the attractive features is writing AI content, pre-made templates are available just select it and use it, writing more engaging emails, supporting 29+ language and 90+ tools and templates are available there for use.

It is free to use with some limited features and paid plan starts from $36 per month ( $432 per year) with paid plan you will able to generate unlimited words.


9) Jasper

Image Source — Jasper

Jasper is a bunch of different AI tools for different work like in the above image section we discussed about Jasper art now it’s Time to talk about Jasper for content writing.

It is based on open AI GPT-3 model. And it is launched on February 2021. Jasper has some features like write content, article and blog writing, script for youtube videos, over 50+ templates are available, document editor is available and so many tools with amazing feature is available.

It is not free to use , to use it you have to buy a subscription plan starts from $39 per month.


10) Writesonic

Image Source — Write Sonic

Writesonic is built on Generative AI model. This is the technology that creates content by learning from large no of data.

Using this tool is very easy just log in and give some instructions in from of text prompt according to your topic and it creates the content related to it.

  • For blog, it write blog ideas, writing blog intro, AI article and blog writer.
  • For ads create Facebook ads, google ads, LinkedIn ads, and Instagram ads.

There are lots of tools are present there just explore write sonic website and find tool that solve your problem.

It provides free trial with 10,000 free words on signup after that it provides 2,500 free words per month. Paid plan starts from $19 per month for 100,000 words.



Image Source — rytr.me

Abhi Godara is the founder of Rytr and it is launched in 2021. It is based on Open AI GPT-3 model which will help it to generate content.

With a simple and user-friendly interface it is best tool for content writing, blog writing, e-mail writing, business idea pitch, article writing and much more work related to writing it do very efficiently because it is powered with Open AI GPT-3 model.

It is free to use with 10k characters per month, access 40+ use-cases, and write in 30+ languages. Paid plan start from $9 per month in the Paid plan you also generate images using AI, and able to write in 30+ language.


AI tools for Graphics designer

12) DesignsAI

Image Source — DesignsAI

Fully loaded with lots of tool which every designer need like logo maker, banner designing, video maker, script writing for designs and much more like my experience is so nice when i tried this tool it surprise me with the result and also you have choice to make variations of it.

Some of the features are given below

  • Logo maker – It create logo with a better concept with thousand of options with different color opinions and also contains smart options of color, font and icons.
  • Design Maker – Create Ad, banner, and flyer with the help of AI.just ask it to generate designs it generate thousand of designs with smart layout suggestion.

It is free to use with limited templates and features and its paid plan start from $19 per month.


13) Uizard

Image Source — Uizard

This is tool for the designers who design the UI ( user interface ) of websites, mobile apps, tablet UI designs, it comes with amazing tool containing different pre-made templates, just select and add some customization use it.

AII types of Website design templates are available here like landing page, E-commerce website landing pages, real estate website templates. Web app design template like food delivery web app, online banking web app template and all types UI is present there for different devices.

It is free to use and comes with 10 free templates and paid plan start from $12 per month.


14) Adobe Sensei

Image Source — Adobe Sensei

This tool is launched by Adobe on 2016 to make the business work faster and smarter with full packed with Artificial intelligence and machine learning to help the designer to make the design better. Some of the features of Adobe Sensei-

  • Content creation and intelligence
  • Workflow automation
  • Automated forms conversion
  • Create high-quality document with intelligence
  • Organize and manage assets for better ROI( return on investment ).


15) Autodraw

Image Source — Autodraw

This is the website for designers that give you the facility to frist create the outline of design and find it looks better or not if it not looking so good just delete all the outline and start from scratch.

Providing different tools to create the design outline paint tool, and color filler, you can apply different shapes to your designs, and create the best outline from it.

Most of designers prefer this tool to create their design outline.


16) DreamStudio

Image Source — Dream Studio

This is AI tool use to generate the images It uses the latest version of the Stable Diffusion Image Generation model.It is the AI tool that allows you to generate different images from text prompts such as comic book cover, a dog with goggles etc. Here are some key feature of DreamStudio is given below-

  • Generate high-quality images.
  • Generate, edit and download photos from Dream Studio.
  • Use stable diffusion to generate images.

Pricing — It is not free to use and the paid plan starts from $1.18 for every 100 image generation.


Frequently Asked Questions-

(1) What is the best AI writer Tool in 2023?

Writesonic, Jasper and copyAI these are the tools mostly used for content writing.

(2) Which is the best tool for AI?

Jasper is all-purpose tool that helps the user in various ways like content creation, script writing, image generation and much more.

(3) Is there an AI for graphic designing?

Adobe Sensei is the tool for graphic designers that help them to create more stunning designs.

(4) What are the best AI image generator?

Midjourney, DALL-E 2, and Dream Studio are the best AI image generator.