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11 Best CHAT GPT alternative in 2023 (free&paid)

CHAT GPT plays an important role in AI revolution most of the people know the first AI tool is chat gpt. This chatbot is based on open ai GPT-3 and it generates responses according to the given prompt. However recently it launched GPT-4 which is more powerful than the previous version but it is paid. Sometimes it works very slowly due to high demand and the servers are busy.

Today there is a large number of AI tools introduced in the internet world if you want to try out the alternative of chat gpt.

Here is list-

1 Chatsonic

2 Jasper chat

3 Copy ai

4 The new bing(bing AI)

5 Claude by Anthropic

6 Google Bard AI

7 you chat

8 Open AI playground

9 GitHub Copilot x

10 Neeva AI

11 Character AI

1. Chat sonic

ChatSonic by write sonic built with the power of GPT-4 has all of features you need at one place like script writing, generating AI images according to the given prompt, personalized avatar, understanding voice commands, and giving answers like google assistant/Siri, also you chat with AI and ask suggestion for a topic. And this AI tool is supported by Google so the content and data is up to date but the CHAT GPT has the data till 2021.

Some of the features of chat sonic-

  • Scriptwriting
  • AI image generating
  • Powered by GPT-4
  • Voice detection, Image generation are available.
  • Understand voice command answer like google assistant/Siri.
  • Article summarizer


  • Data is up to date
  • Variety of use cases
  • Free trial is available


  • Only 25 free generations are available in a free trial.
  • After that, you have to buy a subscription plan.
  • Don’t do the logical operation.

2. Jasper chat

Dave rogenmoser , chris hull, and JP morgan are the founder of jasper. Jasper is an amazing Ai tool that has endless amazing features it can answer your all the questions that just you asked to it, generate content in 29 languages, create useful and unique content according to your query, also generate high-quality images. When I use jasper chat my experience is good like, i told it to generate quotes, paragraphs, jokes, and video scripts it can do all the work very efficiently. Here are some of the key features of jasper chat–

  • Powerd by Open AI GPT-3.5
  • Summarise text, generate paragraphs and write product descriptions.
  • Learn from billions of articles and other sources.


  • Providing 50 different writing templates
  • Plagiarism checker is available
  • This tool is beneficial for market researchers and working professionals


  • Only 5 days trial is available after that you have to buy subscription plan
  • Old dataset

3. Copy AI

Copy Ai is a complete alternative of chat gpt for content writing. It has lot’s of amazing feature blog content writing, digital ad script writing, writing a full product description for an e-commerce store, attractive social media content generation, writing content for the website and much more there is lot’s of use case of this tool copy ai its totally depend on you how you use it for your own productivity.

Like when I try this tool for writing an article it works very perfectly and gives amazing content with proper research.

Here are some highlighting features of copy ai–

  • Very efficient in content writing
  • Generate impressive content
  • Write social media captions


  • Save time too much
  • A free trial is available
  • Writing product description feature is most useful for marketing agencies


  • Generated content is not like human written
  • After a free trial, you have to buy a subscription plan for further use

4. The new bing(bing AI)

The new bing ai is introduced by Microsoft in early February which is based on GPT-4 which is the latest version of open ai. On May 4 this ai tool moved from a limited preview to open for all, which means anyone can use this for free.

Some of the features of Bing AI are listed below

  • Based on open ai LLM, GPT-4
  • Free to use, no such money will pay to use it
  • Work like search engine


  • It is totally free to use
  • It has real-time access to the internet which is an advantage over chat gpt


  • Need more optimization
  • Slightly slower response time
  • Minor glitches are seen

5. Claude by Anthropic

Anthropic is a start-up co-founded by a former employee of open ai they will start testing a new CHAT GPT like AI named claude.

Claude natural conversational ability allow it to give the answer to common questions, and handle basic scenarios and instructions.

Claude Ai is available in two models–

  • A powerful model (claude-v1)that can handle creative content generation, detailed instruction.
  • A less expensive(claude instant) model that can handle text analysis, document summarization, etc.


  • Ability to respond like chat gpt .
  • Text summarization is available.

Cons –

  • No free trial is available as you pay you use it.
  • In some cases, chat gpt is more better option over it.

6. Google Bard AI

This AI tool is launched by the biggest company in the world named Google.

Unlike all the chat bot in this list, google doesn’t use LLM(large language model) in the GPT series it uses the lightweight version of LaMDA which is made and developed by Google.

This tool do basic work like writing a paragraph, content for social media, Video script, digital advertisement script and so many things it can do.


  • Faster response.
  • Free to use.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Does not provide a source of content.
  • Can’t help much with code.
  • Limited capabilities as compared to chat gpt and chat sonic.

7. You chat

You chat is made by you.com it has full access to the internet so the bot is up-to-date with the latest information and delivers more accurate content.

Having a similar function like chat gpt but one of the exciting feature of this AI tool is it have a chatting feature like, you have any query just ask to it you will get suggestions for your problem as I use it for content research, in particular, field it gives me a full content with proper pointer and outlines related to it.

All of the functions of CHAT-GPT like summarising books, writing code, article writing, and much more things you will do here freely.


  • It contains up-to-date information.
  • CHAT-GPT like functionality.


  • Bot glitches are found
  • Sometimes bot refuses to give the answer.

8. Open ai playground

This AI tool is just similar to chat gpt it has the same functionality. Unlike some other ai tools, AI Playground does not slow down and responds very fast.

If you are want to try this tool by just sign up and use it. However sometimes you not able to access the tool due to high demand & the servers are very busy.


  • Free to use.
  • Efficient and accurate like chat gpt.
  • You can choose your own preferred language to use.


  • Not perfect for daily users

9. GitHub Copilot X

It is basically an AI-powered coding assistant tool that helps to generate code snippets and auto-complete suggestions as you write the code.

It is based on open ai GPT-4 model and brings voice and chat-supported system for programmers.

“Hey GitHub” functionality into this AI-powered chat system. you have just sat at your table & give the command to generate lines of code.

Overall from my experience, this AI tool Github copilot x is very useful for programmers it will help to solve coding problems and save lots of time.


  • Save more time for programmers
  • Based on GPT-4 model so it is very efficient in working
  • Comes with voice assistant feature


  • Risk of developing the wrong code, just in case you are a new programmer you have not so much idea about what the code generated by this tool, so before using it you have to check the code properly.

10. Neeva AI

On May 24 Snowflake announced that they were acquiring neeva. This Ai tool is made by two former Google executive they have the vision to create a search engine who didn’t show any ads and do not sell any user data.

The source of income of this platform is, the consumer who valued their privacy and data safety they can buy their subscription plan.

11. Character AI

Character AI is a neural language model. It can generate human-like text responses and involve in contextual conversation. This tool is used to create virtual characters which can be in various places.

Some of the highlighting features-

  • It can translate voice into text.
  • Customize the character in your own way.
  • A variety of options are available to build a real character.


  • Highly personalized and interactive character.
  • Customization over multiple characters is available.
  • The generated character feels like real.


  • Some features are not available in the free version.

Frequently asked questions-

(1) Is google bard better thanCHAT GPT?

Google Bard is speedy with its answer, even though sometimes it delivers wrong answers. It is not faster than CHAT GPT Plus, but it can be faster at giving responses in comparison to Bing and the Free version of CHAT GPT(GPT-3.5 version).

(2) What is the best CHAT GPT alternate we can use?

In the above article, we discuss about 11AI tools. You can choose according to need just in case for the generation of characters you use character Ai, to generate code snippets use GitHub Copilot X so all tools have their own specific use case.

(3) Is character AI is safe?

Yes, the character ai website is safe and trustworthy it takes the privacy and data of users very seriously and keeps it safe.