11 Best AI Apps for Android And Ios(Free and Paid)

In 2023 there is lots of AI tool is present on the internet and every kind of tool is present from image generator to music creator. The craze of AI tools got boomed after the launch of CHAT GPT(based on GPT-3.5). Now Open AI has launched Its all-new GPT-4 model which will bring the working of these AI tools to the next level. There are so many AI apps present on PlayStore and AppStore. In this article, we talk about some most used AI tools, even it also useful for you.

List of all tools–

1 Replica: My AI friend

2 Elsa speak

3 Wombo Dream-AI Art Generator

4 Lensa AI

5 Face tune

6 StarryAI

7 Genie Ai chatbot


9 Youper-CBT therapy

10 AI Chatbot NOVA

11 ClickUp

1 Replica: My AI Friend

Eugenia Kuyda establish an AI tool named Replica. This tool is based on Open Ai GPT-3 autoregressive model which train from your interaction with it and hence it becomes a personalized chatbot for you.

The idea behind this tool is to create a personalized AI which would help you express and witness yourself by offering a helpful conversation.

Replica AI is a chatbot that has a full focus on relationships and providing companionship to users. Like you use CHAT GPT it also gives answers to your questions but this tool will talk with real experience.

You can use this tool for multiple purposes like Talking to AI characters, learning new things, get suggestions from it. The customization of characters & gender is available.

  • Availability – Available for both Android and ios.
  • Pricing- It is totally free to use; Pricing starts from $19.99/month.

2. Elsa Speak: Learn and speak English

ELSA which means English Language Speach Assistant was co-founded by Vietnamese entrepreneur named Vu van and Engineer Xavier Anguera.

This AI app mainly focused on learning and pronunciation improvement for communication. This Ai uses deep voice recognition that record the user’s voice and intelligently reads and analyze the data and you can get real-time feedback and answer from it.

This Ai App is very useful for those who want to improve pronunciation and learn a language there is lot of content like video lectures, study material, test guide, and much more things are available.

  • Availability– Available on both Android and Ios.
  • Pricing– Free trial is available; Paid plan starts from $6.17/month ($74.99/year).

3. Wombo Dream-AI Art Generator

Ben-Zion Benkhin is the founder and CEO of Wombo dream. It is a Canadian startup basically use of this tool to generate AI Images with given prompts. Using this app is very easy just put your idea and choose an art style and boom you got variety of generated art on your mobile screen.

Use this tool to generate variety of images with different concepts and free to use anywhere. You can go through making the combination of different prompts with different art styles you will get different and unique style images.

  • Availability– Available on both Android and Ios.
  • Pricing– Free to use with basic features; Paid plan starts from $7.50/month.

4. Lensa AI

Gergo Vari is the founder & CEO of LENSA AI and the app is developed by Prisma Labs. Since from launch, this is the most and best AI app used in 2023 with 1cr+ downloads on the Android platform.

LENSA uses stable diffusion deep learning Ai model to create these amazing selfies. This AI model will help to study real images after that it can generate Ai images.

This is a photo editor tool widely use for retouching portrait selfies. This has the ability to create avatars of people using their selfies. like you have to retouch your photo, remove background, blur the background and much more you can use this tool. However, LENSA AI tool is not free and it requires a one-time payment for generation.

  • Availability- Available on both Android and Ios.
  • Pricing – Starts from $3.99.

5. Face Tune

FACE TUNE is owned by Lightricks. Zeev Farbman is the CEO and co-founder at FACE TUNE.

Like photo editing, video editing, create stunning AI selfies, different filters for photos, and many of the features available in Face tune.

They just introduced AI SELFIES means just click a selfie or portrait pic upload and change the background of your photos, add multiple filters, enhance beauty, etc.

  • Availability– Available on both Android and Ios.
  • Pricing- free to use; Paid plan starts from $5.99.

6. Starry AI

Basically, it is also an AI art generator using two models of AI first is Altair which uses VQGAN-CLIP model to render art work creation, and the second is Orion which uses CLIP-guided model to create stunning artwork and imageries.

To generate AI images just put your text prompt and the AI will create images, very simple to use this app and has a user-friendly interface.

Using combination of unique prompts and different styles you can get amazing AI artwork, you have to just try different ideas.

  • Availability– Available on Both Android And Ios.
  • Pricing – Free to use; Paid plan starts from $7.99.

7. Genie AI chatbot

Based on Open Ai GPT-3 language model. One of the best thing about that you use this AI chatbot on your mobile phone like there is no official app to use chat gpt on mobile phones, Here comes genie ai which is available on Android and Ios platforms.

Like chat gpt you can use it to solve problems, summarise articles, writing notes, generate code snippets, etc. It has full access to internet so its dataset is up-to-date. The Ai app has the feature to take input of images and find out place, objects, and even people. The tool is free to use with daily 30 requests and its paid version start from $7.99/week and gives unlimited requests powered with GPT-4 LLM.

  • Availability – Available on both Android and Ios.
  • Pricing– free to use with limited features; Paid plan starts from $7.99/week.

8. Otter AI

Otter AI was founded as Alsense in 2016 by Sam Liang and Yun Fu, two computer science engineers working with Artificial Intelligence.

This AI tool is using Natural language processing technology to convert human speech into text.

During meetings, interview It can turn your voice into smart notes you can easily search, share and use these notes. Even you can also set This tool to join automatically meetings and make notes.

In the free plan, you have 300 minutes for a month after completing this limit you are unable to use it and paid plan starts from $8.33/month or $100 for a complete year.

  • Availability – Available on both Android and Ios.
  • Pricing – 300 minutes /month in free plan; Paid plan start from.

9. Youper-CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy)

Today’s generation is busy in their daily life surrounded by lot of work which led mental stress, and anxiety. So this AI tool comes to reduce anxiety, disorder, and depression it works on the concept of cognitive behavioral therapy.

When you enter the app it will ask how you feeling it can read your entered data very carefully and then according to your mood it will give you suggestions what to do.

For mental health, youper is the best option for mindfulness, calm, and therapy.

  • Availability – Available on both Android and Ios.
  • Pricing – Free with limited features; Paid plan starts from $9.99.

10. AI Chatbot NOVA

This is another app to use CHAT GPT feature on mobile. This is a revolutionary chatbot powered by Chat GPT and GPT-4. This technology helps this tool to understand the question asked by the user and give a response with real-time experience.

It supports 140+ languages and has the ability to remember previous chat. Like chat gpt you also ask it to write articles, summarize notes, planning trips, and much more having full ability to do these tasks very efficiently because it is powered with GPT-4.

  • Availability – Available on both Android and Ios.
  • Pricing – Free to use; Paid plan starts from $4.99 for one week.

11. ClickUp

Best for AI writing, note-taking, team collaboration, all in one project management.

ClickUp is built with all in one project management tool to help companies and business to increase their productivity. It contains lots of advanced features like note-taking tools with advance feature, AI writing assistant, document and file management all of the features available at one palace.

Here are some features-

  • Summarise lengthy content in a few seconds.
  • Improve writing quality.
  • Pre-made templates are available.

And the best part of this tool is, its docs and notepad come with built-in AI which will help to write better notes, think more creatively, work efficiently in less time.

  • Availability – Available on both Android and Ios.
  • Pricing – free with limited features; Paid plan starts from $5/month per user.

Frequently Asked Questions-

(1) What are the best AI apps like Chat GPT?

Genie AI chatbot, AI Chatbot NOVA are AI apps having similar functionality like CHAT GPT.

(2) Top AI tools which can I use for image editing?

Wombo, Lensa Ai, and Face tune you will use these apps for image editing with extraordinary features.

(3) Can I use Replica AI for free?

Yes, you can use it free of cost with limited features to get more features you have to buy a subscription plan.